Autoradio: The new options available

Radio news for 2017
Today, FM Radio is no longer the only entertainment option on board the vehicle. Absolutely, the car station is now a complete multimedia tool that responds to the desires of each user. Here is a list of the new radio news for 2017.
For those who need guidance
Do you often make long trips or do you usually travel on unknown roads? Be aware that now the GPS has become a component inseparable from the car radio. We are talking about GPS Autoradio which combines both the many features of a multimedia radio station and the assistance of a navigation system.
At the base, the car radio GPS is planned to plan the routes. But it becomes more sophisticated by providing a maximum of precision at the level of the scouting and offering very advantageous options. There is now a 3d mapping that allows you to better orient yourself. Access to traffic information is also a popular feature. You have the possibility to know in advance the bottled routes, the roads subject to accidents, etc. The GPS allows you to find the location of each radar. Some features such as the calculation of the time of the journey or the location of the places of interest (tourist sites, petrol station, lodgings, etc.) are also highly appreciated. Some great novelties are also very interesting: RDS Tuner, option Scan, etc.
For those who prefer security
For 2017, the car radios want to be a co-pilot and a be assistant for driving. So you have to expect them to offer a variety of options to assist you. The car radio becomes an equipment associated with the back-up camera. For each maneuver, you will no longer need to turn your head in any direction. All you have to do is view the images from the rear camera and follow the indications. Also in terms of safety, the radio station is designed to receive the recoil radar sensors. At each risk of collision, you will be warned.
This adds to the fact that the car radio can also connect to an on-board or dashcam camera. You will have a record of what is taking place outside the cockpit. Having become an important selling point, the Bluetooth option will be inseparable from the 2017 Android autoradio golf 5 models. It not only allows you to pair your Smartphone to the station, without having to use cables, but also to simplify phone conversations. The radio station, thanks to its hands-free kit and microphone on the front, will now allow you to call or receive a call without having to hold your phone in your hand.
For those who like mobile devices
For 2017, the fonction autoradio GPS car radio will become a small computer that can receive all mobile devices. Your smartphones will be able to connect using Bluetooth or cable. You will even be able to synchronize them with the position to have access to all your applications on smartphones. In addition, the interface has become tactile to encourage manipulation identical to the latter. On the fa├žade, you will find all the ports necessary to be able to connect any device: A slot for SD or Mini-SD, an input for Walkman and IPod, a port for USB and hard drives, etc. The post is also provided for all the files you want to play: DVD, VCD, FLV, MP3, MPEG4, etc.
New OPTIONS for Leisure
The new features will not be missed for the car 2017. The latter will be filled with a multitude of applications to improve the comfort of the users. The sound quality is improved for a better audio experience. The interface is in HD for an unrivalled visual comfort. The Internet connection from the car radio will now be possible from Wifi or from a 3 G/4 G navigation. The post will even give you the opportunity to watch your favorite TV shows thanks to TNT.

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